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Uncovering Stones

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Canto y Cantera

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A Chain Unbroken

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Uncovering Stones was recorded Vanessa's in home in Austin, TX, which was temporarily converted into a studio called "Casa Animada." This album features an all-star cast of musicians. With a compelling mix of tempos and styles that embrace hints of urban, world, Latin, funk and pop, Lively’s songs fully capture her compassionate nature and love of community. Lively painted the album cover art on 42 canvases which are now in the homes of her music supporters and fans across the U.S.

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1. Digging Up Dirt

2. Through the Veil

3. Estoy Volando

4. Men in White Hats

5. Honeybee

6. The Lost Boys

7. Follow Your Heart

8. Learning to Breathe

9. Princess Song

10. Baile Conmigo

11. Playing Games

12. Skeletons